Lower cost alternative for flameproof Ex d indicators – BA304SG & BA324SG

BEKA has developed an alternative approach to Zone 1 displays. The BEKA alternative Zone 1 instrument design uses two additional explosion protection techniques, encapsulation Ex m and intrinsic safety Ex i, to protect the electronic components within a moulded GRP increased safety Ex eb enclosure.

An increased safety enclosure provides IP66 environmental and impact protection for the display assembly and for the Ex e approved terminals that connect the field wiring to the instrument. Unlike a traditional metallic flameproof enclosure, increased safety Ex e certification requirements enable the moulded GRP enclosure to have a large display window and an elastomeric keypad which activates internal switches for control and calibration while the instrument is in the hazardous area.

BEKA has therefore developed an alternative approach to Zone 1 display instrumentation which overcomes both the complexity of intrinsic safety and the limitations of flameproof instrumentation.

For more information contact Gary Friend, Extech Safety Systems, +27 11 791 6000, sales@extech.co.za, www.extech.co.za

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