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Mobile devices in Hazardous Areas 14 June 2023

Mobile devices in Hazardous Areas. Written by Gary Friend PrEng CEng.; +27 83 3098200/+44 7711402474Read more

How to calculate an Intrinsically Safe loop approval; including the impact of using Ex ic (Zone 2) and gas group on cable lengths. March 2023

We all know what can happen when the correct techniques are not used when interfacingRead more

Wi-Fi in South African underground coal mines

From the standards: Radio Frequency Sources (9 kHz to 60 GHz) for continuous transmissions and pulsed transmissions,Read more

Do Passive RFID Tags need Hazardous Area Certification?

We’ve all been hearing about how passive RFID tags can help us streamline inventory andRead more

Intrinsic Safety: How does a Zener barrier work? Updated Jan 2021

For an explosion, all three of gas/dust, oxygen and source of ignition (spark or heat)Read more

Making Safe Waves (Wireless) in Hazardous Areas

As wireless devices such as mobile phones and laptop computers become more reliable and costRead more

Intrinsic Safety – Part 3 – Impact of Gas Group on loop approval and cable lengths.

Further to my previous articles: How to calculate an intrinsically safe loop approval ( andRead more

Intrinsic Safety for zone 2 (Exic) and using longer cable runs.

Further to my previous article on calculating an Intrinsically Safe loop approval ( ), weRead more

Ex ic Intrinsic Safety’s New Protection Level

Synopsis The protection of electrical apparatus for use in flammable atmospheres is embracing a newRead more