CorDEX Thermal Imager, Gecma Work Station & SAFA/AAF Feedback
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This month we will focus on some new products from CorDEX and Gecma.  We also have some feedback and pictures of Extech at the AAF & the SAFA symposium.
CorDEX have released a Thermal Imager & Gecma have released the new Gecma Work Station to replace the Gecma Explorer & Challenger.
Extech Safety Systems are the sole agents for MTL, Beka Associates, Extronics, MercuryHMI, and the new authorised reseller for Aegex (Zone 1 tablets), B Com (RoughPro Phone), CorDEX (Toughpix Camera) & Xplore Technologies in Southern Africa.
MN4100 Automation Imager

MN4100 Dual Vision, Automation Imager, provides thermal imaging capability to new or existing control systems.  

The MN4100 comprises of a dual vision; Thermal and Visual sensor package providing up to 4800 measurement points along with alarms and configuration information via Modbus/TCP.

Provided with prewritten PLC Function Blocks for Communication, Measurement and Analysis, the MN4100 is simple to integrate into any Modbus/TCP compatible control system.

Compact and lightweight, MN4100 is simple to mount via its M6x4 boss on the base and is ideal for hard-to-reach locations where manual surveys can't cover.

With diverse applications, ranging from plant automation, security, home automation and marine, MN4100 is the flexible choice. Designed for control and automation applications.

Gecma Work Station
Introducing a new and unique modular design concept - The MTL GECMA Work Station - a new generation of remote operating terminals for Ex Zone 1/2/21/22.

Our unique, modular Work Station range addresses the need for visualisation in hazardous areas. But that's not all...packed full of features and state-of-the-art technology you can also optimise your productivity, reduce plants costs whilst increasing your plant safety.

The MTL GECMA Work Station range has been designed to address the environmental challenges of obtaining visualisation within harsh and hazardous areas. Building upon decades of experience and expertise and the significantly large installed base of its predecessor, the MTL GECMA Work Station is packed full of features and state-of-the-art technology. The range includes Remote Terminal (RT), Thin Client (TC) and Personal Computer (PC) to meet a wide variety of applications. Suitable for the strictest of hygienic conditions and aggressive production environments, its slim, flexible modular construction also includes individually certified modules to allow safe maintenance even in hazardous areas.
Gecma Work Station
Feedback from the SAFA Symposium

Extech are regular attendees and exhibitors at the SAFA Symposium, often presenting a paper. In 2017, we decided not to present a paper, but we exhibited all our exciting new products & introduced our new partners.

The demo cameras (both digital & IR) from CorDEX, our newly signed partner, were a highlight and Extech have now increased their stock holding to 5 ToughPix cameras.

From MTL, we had a demo unit of the new IP camera (Ex ia IIB T4 Ga; Ex ia IIIC T135°C Da, Ex ia I Ma (M1 mining)) within the IS ethernet range

Lastly, the IS AEGEx Windows 10 tablet demo units also attracted attention.

If you visited us, thank you & please get in contact with us if we can be of any further assistance.

Feedback from the AAF Exhibition

Extech were delighted to have UK visitors: John Hartley from Extronics, Dave Turner from Beka & Marcus Halliday from Cord-EX, on our stand at AAF 2017 We were happy to reconnect with some of our existing customers as well as meet many new contacts & potential clients.

With demo units on the stand, the CorDEX cameras (both digital & IR) stole the show (ok, on our stand!) with a huge amount of interest. Extech have now increased their stock holding to 5 ToughPix cameras, so our lead time is greatly improved.

Beka also demonstrated their new range of displays & indicators with Dave on hand to answer any Beka related questions.

John Hartley had several lengthy discussions about Wifi, Rfid and tagging & tracking in hazardous areas with several interested parties.  Extech have now increased the range to include the Extronics Advance / Aeroscout Industrial offerings.

In addition, we had the full MTL range as well as the GecmaRT, the new IS ethernet and the IP cameras.

Lastly, the IS AEGEx Windows 10 tablet also attracted a lot of attention, showing off the 10" tablet display and all functionalities.

Thank you if you visited us & please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

As sole agents for MTL, Beka Associates, Extronics, MercuryHMI and authorised reseller for AEGEx, BCom, CorDEX & XPlore Technologies in Southern Africa, below are some of the areas that Extech Safety Systems can assist with:
• Intrinsically Safe Zener Barriers and Galvanic Isolators
• HART Interfaces
• Fieldbus
• Industrial Ethernet
• Industrial Security
• Industrial Wireless Networks
• Visualisation
• Displays, Indicators, Sounders, Beacons and Lamps
• Intrinsically Safe & Flameproof Cameras (incl. Infra Red)
• Rugged IS Smartphones & tablets (Android & Windows)
• Hazardous area Access Points for zone 1 (AP of your choice)
• Hazardous Area M1 (Zone 0) certified CISCO Access Point
• Hazardous Area CCTV camera for Group I & II
• Hazardous Area Barcode scanners (Bluetooth)
• Wi-fi/RFID Tracking (incl. Extronics Advance; Aeroscout Industrial)
• Surge Protection
• Process Alarm Equipment 
• Hazardous Area Access Control Systems

If you require anything further, please send us an email or give us a call.  We will be happy to assist!
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