Hazardous Area Indicators, Set Point Generators, IS Cameras & PC Terminals

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This month we will focus on some of the newly released products for hazardous areas and process industries:
Beka Indicators (the new G series), Rugged Set-Point Stations, IS Cameras & the Gecma Remote Terminals.
Extech Safety Systems are the sole agents for MTL, Beka Associates, Extronics, XPlore Technologies, MercuryHMI and the authorised reseller for Aegex (Zone 1 tablets) in Southern Africa.
Beka G Series Indicators,  Rugged Set-Point Stations, IS Cameras & Gecma Terminals for Process Industries & Hazardous Areas
New Beka G Series Indicators
NEW Compact field mounting loop powered indicators
A range of compact, field mounting, 4/20mA, loop powered indicators which can display a process variable in a congested area where space is limited, have been introduced.
The new 'G' models have a robust, IP66 impact resistant GRP enclosure with an armoured glass window, but retain the large easy to read displays featured in the existing well established 'E' field mounting instruments.
The intrinsically safe 'G' models are available with local IA (based on ATEX /IECEx) gas and dust certification and, for applications in Zone 2 or 22 without Zener barriers or galvanic isolators and models with Ex nA and Ex tc approval significantly reduce installation cost. General purpose models are also available.
The new 'G' indicators offer a choice of four 34mm high digits, or five 29mm high digits plus a 31 segment bargraph. All have an operating temperature of -40°C to +70°C and include a root extractor, lineariser, calibrator and slide-in scale card. Backlighting, dual alarms, and a pipe mounting kit are available as accessories.
Indicators - G series

New Beka Intrinsically Safe Set-Point Stations
NEW Rugged, panel mounting, intrinsically safe and general purpose 4/20mA Set Point Stations
Following the recent introduction of rugged loop powered panel mounting indicators, they have now been joined by two rugged panel mounting Set Point Stations [set point generator].

Offering all the features of the existing intrinsically safe BA427E Set point Station including local IA certification (based on ATEX/IECEx), the new BA427E-SS is housed in a rugged stainless steel case which permits installation in an Ex e, Ex n, Ex p or Ex t panel enclosure without invalidating the enclosure's certification.

For general purpose application the complementary BA627E-SS is ideal for marine applications or where the instrument is likely to incur impact.
Rugged IS Set Point Stations
Intrinsically Safe Cameras suitable for Surface & Mining
The new iCAM501 Ultra & iCAM502 are Zone 0 intrinsically safe digital cameras and they are the perfect visualisation tool for use in hazardous areas.  With local IA certification (based on ATEX, IECEx & FM certificates), the iCAM501 Ultra & iCAM502 can be used in all sectors of industry including Chemical & Pharmaceutical plants, Oil & Gas production platforms, Refineries and Mining to name but a few.
Manufactured from rugged injection moulded anti static plastic and with additional protection provided by the new rubber casing, the iCAM501 & iCAM502 are IP65 rated and suitable for use in the most arduous environments.  Its long slim lightweight enclosure, weighing less than 200g, lends itself to single handed operation, making it convenient to carry in your pocket.
Equipped with a new high performance lens, enhanced 4 LED flash, advanced anti shake and image sharpness technology, the iCAM provides high quality images in all Hazardous Area environments.

iCAM501 Ultra

New Modular Gecma RT Remote Operating Station
The new GECMA RT is suitable for the strictest of hygienic conditions, aggressive production environments and hazardous areas, typically found in the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil & gas and Off-shore manufacturing industries.  

This future proof solution has been designed with state of the art technology and unique features to bring you the best value.

Unique and innovative platform concept, the modular design save you time and cost during installation, commissioning and operation. 

Individually certified modules for quick and easy on-site maintenance

19", 22" Full HD and 24" Full HD displays with LED backlight technology for optimum quality and viewing (including upscaling)

Lightweight, Slimline design helps you to optimise space and offers flexibility of application

Fibre Optic or Copper data transmission for cost effective, reliable and increased volume of data transfer

Unique Intrinsically Safe connection and Alarm visualisation to ensure safe, continuous operation in the hazardous area

Single line data transmission for simple, cost effective installation and reliable transmission

DVI & USB interfaces/transparent USB for quick and flexible connectivity

Gecma RT
 Below are some of the areas that Extech team can assist with:
  • Intrinsically Safe Zener Barriers and Galvanic Isolators
  • HART Interfaces 
  • Fieldbus 
  • Industrial Ethernet 
  • Industrial Security 
  • Industrial Wireless Networks 
  • Visualisation 
  • Displays, Indicators, Sounders, Beacons and Lamps 
  • Intrinsically Safe Cameras
  • Rugged IS Smartphones & tablets (Android & Windows)
  • Hazardous area Access Points for zone 1 (AP of your choice)
  • Hazardous Area M1 (Zone 0) certified CISCO Access Point 
  • RFID Tracking 
  • Surge Protection 
  • Process Alarm Equipment  
  • Hazardous Area Access Control Systems
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