New Smartphone, Ex e Indicators & Universal Marshalling Solutions
New Smartphone, Ex e Indicators & Universal Marshalling Solutions
New IS phone, Ex e rated indicators & a Smart Universal Marshalling Solution
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This month we will focus on the new IS530.1, Eaton's release of their Smart Universal Marshalling Solution, the MTL SUM5 & two new Beka Ex e rated indicators
IS530.1, Ex e rated indicators & Eaton SUM5
Extech Safety Systems are the sole agents for MTL, Beka Associates, Extronics, MercuryHMI, and authorised reseller for Aegex (Zone 1 tablets), MOBILE (smart phones & tablets) CorDEX (Digitherm Camera), Sensear (Headsets) & Xplore Technologies in Southern Africa.
The new multifunctional Smartphone - IS530.1
The IS530.1 is the new state of the art zone 1 smartphone. It features Bluetooth® 5, a functional ISM interface, big internal 64 GB memory and the highest camera solution in its class. 
The multifunctional ISM interface makes the IS530.1 smartphone an innovative modular device. The ISM interface is compatible with standard intrinsically safe active headsets and passive remote speaker microphones (RSM). An amplifier for passive RSM devices is incorporated into the IS530.1. 
Supplemented by an OTG USB 2.0 port, the IS530.1 is your multifunctional tool for all sorts of industrial use. 

   Eaton Unveils Revolutionary Smart Universal Marshalling Solution MTL SUM5
Eaton has launched its MTL SUM5 smart universal marshalling solution for process applications capable of reducing distributed control system (DCS) marshalling cabinet requirements by up to 50%. With six patents pending, MTL SUM5 combines five functions in one modular design enabling one standard cabinet to deliver the lowest lifetime costs and lowest installed cost while saving valuable space in a control room.

Process applications requiring intrinsic safety (IS) isolation, signal conditioning, relay interfaces, surge protection and loop disconnect would typically require four different cabinet designs, with complex wiring between the marshalling components. Now, process and plant managers can benefit from a single cabinet design, with ‘plug and play’ configurable modules for the five key marshalling functions. This eliminates the need for intricate wiring to interconnect the components, ultimately improving uptime and reducing the cost of wiring, installation and maintenance.

“With MTL SUM5, we are revolutionising marshalling and leading the way with this first-to-market smart solution,” said Paul Hartley, MTL Global Product Line Manager and Business Unit Leader at Eaton. “We have created a modular, universal, configurable product with excellent functionality, so process managers and engineers can streamline their operations and make significant cost savings. The most common reason for failure of existing marshalling systems is due to the wiring. Since MTL SUM5 removes the need for this wiring, it also eliminates this risk of failure, therefore providing a more robust and reliable solution for processing plants in the oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, power, pharmaceutical and water and wastewater industries.”

MTL SUM5’s modular design simplifies marshalling and provides increased flexibility throughout the product lifetime. Loop disconnect is integrated in every terminal, so loops can be easily isolated, which together with the modular design, simplifies maintenance and keeps associated costs to a minimum.

Learn More about the SUM5
Lower cost alternative for flameproof Ex d indicators - BA304SG & BA324SG

BEKA has developed an alternative approach to Zone 1 displays. The BEKA alternative Zone 1 instrument design uses two additional explosion protection techniques, encapsulation Ex m and intrinsic safety Ex i, to protect the electronic components within a moulded GRP increased safety Ex eb enclosure.
An increased safety enclosure provides IP66 environmental and impact protection for the display assembly and for the Ex e approved terminals that connect the field wiring to the instrument. Unlike a traditional metallic flameproof enclosure, increased safety Ex e certification requirements enable the moulded GRP enclosure to have a large display window and an elastomeric keypad which activates internal switches for control and calibration while the instrument is in the hazardous area.

BEKA has therefore developed an alternative approach to Zone 1 display instrumentation which overcomes both the complexity of intrinsic safety and the limitations of flameproof instrumentation.

Learn more about the BA304SG & BA324SG
As sole agents for MTL, Beka Associates, Extronics, MercuryHMI and authorised reseller for AEGEx, Mobile, CorDEX, Sensear & XPlore Technologies in Southern Africa, below are some of the areas that Extech Safety Systems can assist with:

• Intrinsically Safe Zener Barriers and Galvanic Isolators
• HART Interfaces
• Fieldbus
• Industrial Ethernet
• Industrial Security
• Industrial Wireless Networks
• Visualisation
• Displays, Indicators, Sounders, Beacons and Lamps
• Intrinsically Safe & Flameproof Cameras (incl. Infra-Red)
• Rugged IS Smartphones & tablets (Android & Windows)
• Hazardous area Access Points for zone 1 (AP of your choice)
• Hazardous Area CCTV camera for Group I & II
• Hazardous Area Barcode scanners (Bluetooth)
• Wi-fi/RFID Tracking (incl. Extronics Advance; Aeroscout Industrial)
• Active noise reduction headsets, cabled & bluetooth options
• Surge Protection
• Process Alarm Equipment 
• Hazardous Area Access Control Systems

If you require anything further, please send us an email or give us a call.  We will be happy to assist!

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