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Dear Reader,
Welcome to Extech’s first proper e-newsletter. In the past we have sent occasional emails with what I believe was pertinent info. I will continue to include updates on legislation and SANS. ARP0108:2015 is out for comment and due for release shortly. It corrects several textual bugs. The DME are looking to start a new ARP0108 Working Group and the SAFA IS Sub Committee will definitely be submitting comments and suggestions. Our database has grown and we have formalised. The frequency and content will not change much, but we do need some assistance please. We have included you for now and request that if you do want to unsubscribe, please follow the link below.
Report back from the Africa Automation Fair
If you visited us, thank you. If not, here is a summary of the products launched. In addition to those shown, Extech are now able to supply XploreTech Windows Zone 2 tablet and Xciel Exic cases for Apple Products Ipad and iPhone (also for zone 2). Contact us for more info.
We are pleased to announce that Extech now has Icasa approval and local IA Hazardous Area certification.
New zone 1  Rough Pro 7” android tablet
IWap600 – new M1 certified CISCO AP (zone 0 for underground coal mining).