Barcode scanning using IS530.1 phone & MobXScan

Barcode Scanning

Extech Safety Systems worked with Mobexx in the UK to develop the mobXscan mobile application for barcode scanning with mobile devices. The application has been released for Windows 10 and Android offering 100 ms scanning times.

Augmented reality using HMT-Z1 and UtilityAR

Augmented Reality

Extech in collaboration UtilityAR unleashes the power of Augmented Reality in Hazardous Areas (Atex/IECEx/IA). Combining the power of UtilityAR and iSafe HMT-1Z1 Head Mounted device

IS-TH Intrinsically Safe Barcode Scanner

i.Safe IS-TH

The ergonomic designed trigger handle IS-TH in connection with the IS530-series smart phone will combine the latest smart phone technology of the IS530-series with the industrial proven scanner technology from Zebra, which makes the IS530 smart phone a multifunctional tool.

Hazardous area Inspections and Maintenance

Hazardous area Inspections and Maintenance

The benefits of IntrinsixEX focus on the efficient use of ATEX / IECEx / IA certified equipment through intelligent inspections, including risk-based inspections. Compliant with the latest IEC 60079 standards and ATEX directives, IntrinsixEX uses intrinsically safe handheld technology, providing visibility, accuracy, and control, which improves efficiency, reliability and ultimately extends asset life.